Heal Me

I want to share this song today.

To imagine what Mother Earth, The Creator would have to say to human beings.

I feel in some way as minuscule a gesture as this song is in this world, I want to believe that the men and woman who are completely disconnected from any sense of moral conscience, how their behaviour, judgement and decisions are repeatedly destroying and affecting innocent women men and children globally... I just will that their conscience will begin to evolve, filter into their decision making, their sight, their actions and begin to act from a core place of humanitarianism, respect, clarity, kindness, as well as the wisdom to organise and distribute economic structures to benefit their populations – not the arms and oil trade.

I want to believe that we as a species can evolve to living without looking to take others' homes away, to dominate our neighbours, but to begin to dismantle WAR, racism, sectarianism, homophobia, greed, hatred, blame and bloodshed.

I wrote this song after the Bataclan tragedy last year, and like the rest of the sane world, I wished that this and all of these recent ISIS attacks had never happened...

I look now again to the ongoing Civil War in the USA against African American People, the continued violence the Native American People are being subjected to daily at Standing Rock, peacefully protecting their sacred land and water source... and with all my heart and my soul I will people to begin to heal these horrors.

That we embrace better ways to communicate and respect the remaining Native indigenous people of this planet and learn from their knowledge of how to respect the natural ecology of where we live... 

Maybe this is deeply naive of me and I'm dreaming of a utopia, but surely we have to voice our deep concerns in peaceful gestures, look after our families and friends, contribute positively to the people in our communities, and lead from a place of humility and appreciation for our gift of life.

– Bronagh Gallagher

'Heal Me' Live. From the new album 'Gather Your Greatness' by Bronagh Gallagher which is out now. Guitar: Conor Brady, Piano: Cian Boylan. Filmed, directed & edited by Christian Tierney. Recorded live at Camden Studios, Dublin, Ireland.